Shaiya Exile

Shaiya Exile 1.0

Shaiya Exile is a private server of Shaiya that brings PvP at a whole new level
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Shaiya Exile is a private server for a MMORPG online game Shaiya. Like most other MMORPG games, Shaiya is based on choosing a character and traveling on different maps to fight monsters, bosses and other players. You can choose your character from two different factions: Alliance of Light or Alliance of Fury. There are 2 different races on both sides with 3 classes for each race.

On Shaiya Exile you can start with your character already on level 15 (Exile 15), level 30 (Exile 30), level 55 (Exile 55) or level 60 (Exile 60), and you will get 11 stat points and 6 skill points per level. On level 60, you get free armor set and a weapon.

With 4 zones of borderland (15, 30, 55 and 60), player-vs-player (PvP) battles go at a new level of difficulty and skill. The 55 PvP zone is a unique area and you will find it only on Shaiya Exile. There is also a farm zone, safe from opposite forces, modified and capped for level 55. Here you can grind for gear and items without being attacked by other players.

To improve your gear and accessories, Shaiya Exile brings to you special lapises with awesome stats, in order to face custom bosses.

Rotaru Iulian
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  • Free gears at level 60
  • New 55 farm zone for each faction
  • Attractive soundtracks and graphics


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